Thanks For Caring!

A Heart felt, Thank You to all the kind people who support the Hope Village Las Cruces Project.
If you’ve given or would like to and don’t see your name listed here, please contact us so we can update this page with your name!

Nov. 18 Thank you Marcus Cohen, a professor at NMSU, for kindly providing tools, materials and sealant for the tipi poles

Hope Village Craftsman planing and sealing tipi poles

Hope Village Craftsman planing and sealing tipi poles

Nov. 19 , Thank you, Pat Sullivan, a Las Cruces resident, who brought us food and clothes.

Thanks Pat!

Nov. 19 , Thank you to The Jaurez Family, Las Cruces residents, who kindly brought us food and drinks.

Nov. 24, Thank you to The Abundant Life Apostolic Church, from Chaparral, who generously brought us  40+ turkey dinners.

Nov. 28, Thank you to the  Brothers Victor and Junior Garcia, from Las Cruces who have provided us wooden pallets and lumber

Dec. 1, Thank you to Barbara Kim for a big box of Snuggie blankets, and offering to have a Peer Counseling group here at the Hope on Fridays.

12-24-11, Thank you for the Menudo!                        Menudo Christmas

Dec. 31 The Hernandez and Trujillo Families and their awesome hot dog and hamburger cookout

The Hernandez/Trujillo Cookout Dec.31st

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got Love

Family affair

Bros on fire

whole lotta happy eatin

Trujillo Dat!

Tuesday Jan. 10th: Elias C. Lopez,

Senior District Executive and Program Specialist

of the Boy Scouts of America-Yucca Council:

Gave us some blankets and asked how he could help us out in the future

Sat. Jan.28th The University Church of Christ came and cooked an awesome BBQ with hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixings. Thanks to all their families.

3-3-12 : Heart for the World Church came out and BBQ’d pancakes and sausage on our grills-ghetto fabulous!

4-6-12 : Another amazing University Church of Christ BBQ! Thanks guys!

4-7-12 : Pastor George and Las Cruces First Assembly Church came out and made us some really good pancakes and sausage! Yummy!

A great big gigantic thank you to Randy Harris for all his help in helping our group organize and have a “Great Conversation” every week since October 2011!

Thank you to Thomas Ramirez, a college intern who works here at MVCH for having a donation drive for us last month, and for helping support MVCH campus in addressing synthetic drug use by having an outreach education class here, which half of our residents have already attended.

Thanks to Toni Hendricks, manager of Maurices, here in Las Cruces, for giving 8 of residents at camp work last month, and for her initiative have Maurices sponsor a summer supply drive for us over the next months. AWESOME!