MVCH Re-zoning and Camp Hope 2013-2015

Camp Hope 2012

Camp Hope 2012

This page is to inform our supporters and people interested in how this program is evolving in terms of what logistics are involved in the planning and all of the collaboration that has formed to get the Rezoning to the table.Once City Council approved the Rezoning, MVCH had 6 months to create a final site plan, which has now been approved, and then a year to complete improvements and expansion by meeting the conditions set forth by the City Planning and Zoning Commission. You can see the final site plan below.

This is a link to Webcast of the Feb. 19th City Council Meeting – Rezoning Approved

Here is an informative article from Todd Dickson about the Rezoning

NMSU geography department lends expertise to map local tent city for homeless

NMSU Engineers Without Borders lend a hand to help homeless at Camp Hope

Camp Hope City Council Presentation Feb 19 2013 Concept Plan

Alex Contreras – Tent Pad Sites – Eagle Scout Project

130722 CampHope FINAL SITE Plan August 2013 Maps

Prezi Outline on Key Ingredients for Camp Hope Success


We are grateful to have all of the amazing support that has brought us this far. Everyday more groups are coming forward to offer their support and expertise to help us through the next stages of the Camp’s development and meet all of the re-zoning conditions.


If you or someone you know might have something to offer, please contact MVCH Executive Director Nicole Martinez at:

575-523-2219 or


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