Sunrise Lion’s Club Porch Dedication

P1260770 (640x480)Yesterday the Sunrise Lion’s Club of Las Cruces threw a Porch dedication party for their contribution to the camp’s outdoor kitchen. They also brought some of the NMSU Marching band students to play for the Camp residents, WHICH TOTALLY ROCKED! And the event was catered by a donation from Roberto’s resturant and was a really delicious spread.

P1260790 (640x480)Elmer, from the Club, spoke first about the porch project, and then our own Nicole Martinez spoke about how MVCH became involved with the Sunrise Lion’s Club. She really made a point of how amazing their group is, getting involved with the camp without really knowing anything about the work that we do. Then Michael, from the club, spoke about how they met Nicole, how she serenaded them, and how proud they are to be involved with us. Finally, Councilman Nathan Small spoke about what an outstanding example of community collaboration this project is and how our agency the camp and the city of Las Cruces can be proud of the work we are doing with the homeless community.

P1260799 (640x480)

MVCH Exec Dir Nicole Martinez


Councilman Nathan Small

Councilman Nathan Small

It was an inspiring celebration, and reminds us all of how blessed we are to be able to come together in true fellowship, the kind that really makes a difference in peoples lives. For all those that are are in need, and all of those who have the capacity to share their resources and support, MVCH and Las Cruces are a beacon of hope for the world.

Sunrise Lion's Club of Las Cruces

Sunrise Lion’s Club of Las Cruces



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