Camp Hope Office Gets Solar and Two New Church Supporters

This Spring is turning out to be very productive for Camp Hope. This Saturday past, Positve Energy Solar and Eagle Scout Joseph H. Strawn finished a solar installation for our Camp Office. This is a big step for the camp and I know the residents are very excited and truly grateful for all of the collaborative support that has led to this being accomplished.

P1260591 (640x480)P1260571 (640x480) P1260576 (640x480) P1260580 (640x480) P1260588 (640x480) P1260586 (640x480) P1260599 (640x480) P1260568 (640x480) P1260569 (640x480) IMG_20150328_184445147Here is an excerpt from a letter from Joseph’s father he wrote to us the day after:

“I would like to say as a witness to this project that I am so proud of what I have seen. And I have been a part of many projects. This was truly a big joint effort by you all to make this happen. I have seen Joseph’ summary of this project and the list he has of who helped and the phases (will tell him to send it so you can see and add anything). When Joseph came to you all last summer it was a dream to have this happen. Thank you for allowing him to become a part of this. It has impacted him and those of many who were aware and a part of this project.
To hear the different levels of appreciation and heart-felt gratitude this month coming from the residents was powerful. And to hear yesterday when Joseph switched the switch and the fan/light and then outside light came on…….that this was a miracle, a God-send saving them, making their lives much easier and safer, and so on, well, that was so powerful on what they are feeling and expressing out loud. They are anxious to use it and it is almost ready after the inspection. I can’t tell how you how we felt and Mark and I commented when we heard these comments. We take things for granted and your residents appreciate the powerful sun energy this will now provide for their safety light, fan, and charging source.
I want to say that Matt Mercer, BA, and other residents were very helpful and so supportive. Joseph has made many trips over there and they have impacted him. For these many months he wanted to do his best to make sure this was finished to help them be safer, boost their morale, and to help them be even more self-sufficient. He also wants to do more.”

Ken Strawn (Father of Joseph)

This is the tremendous spirit of the greater community of Las Cruces that sustains the camp and its residents.I feel this is an excellent example of how one city can rally families and local businesses together to find solutions and expand support for a program like Camp Hope, that managing homelessness in an effort to end homelessness is something we can do together. Thank you all SO MUCH!

As well as having this awesome project going on Saturday, the camp was treated to two new Church groups that have both stated they would like to become regular supporters. First, for breakfast, the House of Praise Church came out and brought an amazing breakfast for our residents and the other homeless that were around that morning.They also handed out hygeine packs to many residents, and spent some time simply talking to residents, introducing their families and asking questions about what more they could do. I was happy to meet them and thanked them for sharing their fellowship with us.

P1260515 (640x480) P1260522 (640x480) P1260524 (640x480) P1260537 (640x480)Then for lunch Sonoma Springs Church came out to BBQ some hamburgers and hot dogs. They were also amazingly generous, serving up some great food and mingling with the residents, also asking what more they do and what was needed. I also got a chance to speak with some of their congregation and was impressed by not only their obvious devotion,  but also the committment they are investing into helping our homeless residents.

P1260552 (640x480) P1260548 (640x480) P1260560 (640x480) P1260561 (640x480) P1260565 (640x480) P1260564 (640x480)Thanks to our new friends, and to all of our Faith Based supporters! The continued growth in support for Camp Hope is an inspiration and a credit to the City of Las Cruces!


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