A Busy Bountiful Spring Saturday at Camp Hope

Last Saturday the 21st, Camp Hope was visited first by Las Cruces First Assemby church with breakfast. Then St Mark’s church from El Paso came back again, this time with an assortment of tomato and pepper seedlings for two of our garden boxes, as well as covering our dog run with a larger heavy duty tarp, and provided some solar stake lights for our resident’s tent pads.Then for lunch Landmark church came with their usual legion of families and served an awsome lunch to our homeless community. And to finish the day out, El Caldito hosted a dinner that evening with food prepared and served by  NMSU Dining Services. We are truly grateful that our homeless residents and their greater community have such devoted and dedicated support. Every year just keeps getting better, and all your help keeps supporting our homeless as they transition into housing and back into the Las Cruces community.


Thank You All So Much!

PART_1426960026082_IMG_20150321_114610 PART_1426960032950_IMG_20150321_114526 PART_1426960142614_IMG_20150321_114518 IMG_20150321_172323 IMG_20150321_172150


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