Engineering Without Boundaries and 2 Churches Bring Food

P1230972 (640x480)

This Saturday past, Engineering Without Boundaries came to help start our outdoor kitchen for the camp. They laid a concrete slab where the sink will go and set up the canopy over it. Then a group from St Albert the Great Newman Center came and brought amazing breakfast burritos, so many that everyone in the camp got at least two and all the folks working on the outdoor kitchen got some too.

P1240045 (640x480)

And for lunch, Pastor George and a new group from Las Cruces First Assembly Church came out with a hot table and served up some delicious tacos and beans and rice. This new group will also be heading up all the cooking that they do for the camp over the next season.

P1240062 (640x480)

P1240059 (640x480)

It was good to see all the new faces and old friends. Thanks again to the engineers for all their hard work! And to the churches for coming out and brightening our day!

P1240075 (640x480)


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