Engineering Without Boundries and Landmark Church

Working on tent pad sites.

Working on tent pad sites.

This past Saturday Camp Hope was fortunate again to have the students of the Engineering Without Boundries program come to volunteer to help with some of the last preparations for several of our rezoning projects. We are so grateful for all they have done for MVCH in helping us make keeping the camp here for as long as it is needed a reality. They finished off five of the new tent pad sites, of which 40 more should be completed by the end of May with the generous support of Las Cruces First Assembly Church and St Albert The Great Newman Center. The students also spent the day plotting out the rest of the pad sites in the current camp bounderies where all the tents will eventually be moved from. The students also planted grass in the camp’s drainage pond and plotted out the slab in our garden where the camp’s outdoor kitchen will eventually be constructed. It is always exciting to see projects growing bit by bit, and we look forward to seeing these improvements come to fruition over the next year.

P1220994 (640x480)P1230168 (640x480)

As lunch approached Pastor Rodriguez and his wife Lydia arrived with their veritable “army” of volunteers to serve us all up a fantastic pasta lunch. Yet another stellar example of the outstanding support our homeless folks are getting, as Landmark Church has been coming out to bring these meals once a month for over a year. I can’t say enough how awesome it is to see their smiling faces, their families and children not only serving the homeless people food, but sitting and talking with them and laughing with them.

P1230221 (640x480)

P1230243 (640x480)P1230246 (640x480)

As we near the middle of year three of the camp being here, more and more new community support is arising to ask what part they can help us with in our work with the homeless residents of Las Cruces. And I am certain that because of all the hard work and unwavering devotion our “veteran supporters” have invested in our Agency’s vision, that our roots will only get deeper and stronger as we complete these improvements for the camp over the next 9 months. And that we in Las Cruces are showing the entire nation that a little collaboration and compassion can help take care our homeless citizens just by rallying ourselves together.






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