Lonnie and Helen Matthews, Keep on Giving!

P1220427 (640x480)

Lonnie and his wife Helen have been coming out since Christmas, bringing donations and spending time with our residents. Today, after talking to campers about the challenge of hoisting garbage into our large dumpster, they brought us a full staircase he constructed that is wide enough for two people. Totally AWESOME!

Not only that, in the last months he has also given us a table he made, and he even constructed a metal “Camp Hope” sign that we installed at the front gate.¬†AMAZING!

P1220429 (640x480)P1220352 (640x480)Its really not just about the amount of support our Camp gets from the Las Cruces community (which is HUGE!), but more about the KIND of outstanding devotion that folks like Lonnie and Helen keep coming back to give more. Our homeless appreciate it deeply and I can see it in their smiles and hear it when they talk with all those who not just give, but spend time listening, and most importantly laughing together.





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