From the Mouths Of Babes

P1220438 (640x480)Today we were given a special treat from Josie Solis and some of the kids in her daycare. Josie said they collected food goods for the residents in camp over the last month, and that they were so excited to come drop off the food that they wanted to carry all the bags to our storage unit themselves. They truly made my day! It is such a good feeling to see children taking part in our work with the homeless. and we are all so grateful that people like Josie and the families she works with are getting involved!


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About Matt-HRjjamativaTatarthamaitri

Grew up in central PA, been around the block as a "survivor", helped design and manage "The Made With Love Cafe and Grill" (a post-Katrina relief camp/kitchen in the lower 9th ward NOLA), been homeless in Las Cruces for 6 years and a Camp Outreach Coordinator for the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope Homeless services agency for almost a year now also helping to manage the Camp Hope Project, Newly transitioned out of homelessness as of September 2013, THE WORK CONTINUES!

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