Another Super Saturday at Camp Hope

Pastor George and LCFA bring breakfast

Pastor George and LCFA bring breakfast

Spring is shaping up to be another exciting season at Camp Hope. First we started with Pastor George and his group from LCFA Church with breakfast burritos and coffee, and they even brought box meals for all the homeless to eat later. Their church is also going to be assisting us with building some of the tent pad sites for the re-zone.

LCFA Breakfast

LCFA Breakfast

Shortly there after, a group os NMSU nursing students came to help us clean up the garden area. They also brought a dump truck so we could get rid of the old compost heap, which they reduced to half the size. And they built a garden box as well as bringing soil and an assortment of seeds. An awesome start for us!

P1220366 (640x480)P1220417 (640x480)P1220423 (640x480)Then around 9am, Donald Wilson and The Optimist Club came out for the Ride Right RideBright event. As in the years before, they helped do minor repairs and tune-ups and this year they enlisted the help of two Codes Officers that handed out bike safety information. Donald also donated three adult and two childrens bikes and left us with a shopping cart full of reusable intertubes.

P1220389 (640x480)P1220404 (640x480)P1220406 (640x480)It was a great morning all around and I always love seeing such awesome groups of people helping our homeless and spending time with our residents. It is such an inspiration, as we move into year three of the camp being here, to see old friends and new faces all coming out to do this work together.



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