The Great Conversation-Synthetic/Designer Drugs


Substance abuse is something that touches many of our lives, whether personally or having to witness the devastation with those unable to stop abusing. In the last couple years a new form of substance abuse has arisen in our cities and towns, which a lot of people in our community still don’t know exists. Spice (Synthetic Cannaboids) and Bath Salts (Designer Cathinones) have been around in the US since about 2004, but are just in recent years becoming prominent. So much so, that the Federal Government has tried to ban the chemicals used to make these substances.

So what are these chemicals? Who is making this stuff? Where can you buy it? Who is using these drugs? What are the effects and consequences of using this stuff? Is it legal or illegal? Where can someone get help or treatment in our community?

These are some questions we will discuss. We will also hear testimonials from those who have struggled with this substance abuse in hopes that we as a community can find more resources and solutions for those suffering from these drugs. And educate our youth and families about the dangers of these substances, and get this stuff off the streets of Las Cruces.

Come join us for this important conversation on:

Wednesday November 20th at 6pm

At St Luke’s Health Care Clinic Annex                                                                                                                                            (in their new building on the left hand side of El Caldito Soup Kitchen).

999 West Amador Ave.  (The long driveway next to Horse and Hound feed store)            Las Cruces NM 88005


Matt Mercer at 575-571-2087 or email at

James Vonbehren 575-312-1421 or email at

Here are some web resources about Synthetic/Designer Drugs:

DEA-Drugs of Abuse, page 5 PDF, K2/Spice and Bath Salts/Designer Cathinones:

Signs and Symptoms of Spice Abuse:

Spice Withdrawal Symptoms:                                                                   

US Attorney’s Office District of NM- Multi-Agency Enforcement Operation in New Mexico  Significant Part of Nationwide Synthetic Drug Takedown:     /2013-06-27_assi_pr.html


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