Help Out “Sue’s House”

This posting comes from Charlotte Lipson.

Christina S Little

Yesterday I visited “Sue’s House,” a project of Community of Hope, with
Nicole Martinez, Executive Director.  This is a lovely 4 bedroom house near
NMSU which will house four homeless women as soon as workmen complete final
touches.  The house is lovely, beautifully carpeted with a modern kitchen
and new major appliances including washer and dryer.  Many furnishings are
still needed:. Can you help with:

dishes, glasses, pots, silverware, utensils, small appliances bed linens and
towels bedroom furniture: chests, night tables, chairs mirrors landscaping
cleaning products personal care items such as soap, shampoo, lotion,
sunscreen, toothpaste and brushes

The living room already has a sofa and “Lazboy” type chair but could use
more upholstered furniture and occasional tables.

If you can contribute items (or $$$) please call Nicole at 523-2219 and find
out when and where you can deliver the items or have them picked up.

We all have TOO MUCH STUFF.  Do we really need all those sheets and towels
and pots and pans?!

Thank you!


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