Las Cruces Knit Charm – Yarn Bombs Camp Hope

Yarn Bomb Is Awesome!

Yarn Bomb Is Awesome!

This past Sunday, Camp Hope was treated to a very special winterization effort by Las Cruces Knit Charm.

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CAMP HOPE WAS YARN BOMBED! They have been making and collecting hand knit goods from people all over the country since this past spring, afghans hats socks washcloths, and almost three dozen scarves knit especially to relay a message to the community. The knit goods were hung on the fences so the camp residents could pick out one of each for themselves. And the club brought coffee and donuts, donated by Starbucks and Albertsons. They even had a big basket of soaps for the homeless to go along with their hand knit washcloths. It was a great success, and truly unique and inspiring to see the effort and love put into helping our homeless stay warm for the winter.

P1200455 (640x480)P1200411 (640x480)PHOTO GALLERY HERE


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