Diane Nilan Passes By For a Visit

Amanda Miller and Diane Nilan

Amanda Miller and Diane Nilan

Amanda Miller is an intern with MVCH this semester from NMSU. Diane Nilan is a Homeless Advocate who works with hearus.us who primarily champion homeless children and youth. Diane has been traveling around the country in her RV for almost a decade educating and illuminating how homeless youth and children are surviving in our cities and towns. Amanda has been consulting Diane while working on her thesis, and a couple weeks ago came bouncing down the hallway at work, so excited becuase Diane was finishing a documentary in El Paso, and would be passing through Las Cruces on her way up north. I met Diane when we first started the Camp, and loved her instantly, her devotion and sense of humor, and her candor and committment were certainly contagious. She even wrote an article on her blog about our Camp, giving us a five star rating for tent cities out of her knowledge of visiting other camps.

So it was a great pleasure to see Diane again, and awesome for Amanda to meet her, as she is going into the same field. Diane had been in Texas over the last months shooting a documentary about homeless families and near homeless children and youth. It is such a good feeling to know how amazing our allies are, out in the world creating pathways and pioneering outreach, educating our peers, and changing lives!




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