Landmark Church

Liz Lindblade / Landmark Church - Servin' It Up!

Liz Lindblade / Landmark Church – Servin’ It Up!

Another fine meal from Landmark Church!

Liz and her companions served up another awesome meal for our camp residents and and the homeless Sat. Aug. 24th. We all enjoy their homecooked food sooooo  much, and the joyful presence of their families and friends lifts our spirits every time, when they bring their “army” of devotion to MVCH, giving just hours to make our day a little brighter. If I said their meals were epic, I would be being modest. Thank you all so much for representing what community really means, in your own way and time. We are all blessed to be here in Las Cruces to share these moments that build a brighter future for us all!

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P1190676 (640x480)P1190763 (640x480)P1190674 (640x480)

P1190767 (640x480)

Photogallery here

Video Montage on Youtube


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