Unitarian Pancake Breakfast

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Thursday morning Camp Hope was given a special treat of a pancake breakfast courtesy of a group from the Unitarian Church who were introduced to me by Susan Wells. They had been planning to come through the last year and were led by one of their members, Michael Hughes, who unfortunately passed away. So they rallied their troops made the breakfast a memorial to him and we heard some inspirational words from his wife and son who also attended. Their pancake chef extrordanaire, Elwin, had six different kinds of pancake batter including poopy seed, corn with toasted sunflower seeds, whole grain and even plain ones. Slathered with butter and syrup and topped with fresh strawberries and served with a side of ham, this meal was a truly welcome one on a grey overcast morning after days of periodic rain.

Unitarians Serve It Up Right!

Unitarians Serve It Up Right!

Thanks to Susan and Beth for organizing the Unitarian Church To come do this for Camp Hope and for a truly AWESOME pancake breakfast!

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