Dona Ana Community College Dental Clinic

1367246246816I was introduced to the DACC Dental Clinic at the end of last October while attending one of the Cafe Salud events at St Luke’s Health Care Clinic. That is one of the goals of Cafe Salud, which will be starting up again soon for the 2013 season, which is to introduce health services and promote outreach. In December I had my first appointment with Dental Program Student Rebecca Galvan.

1367247245300Now, to be honest, I haven’t been to a dentist since I was 17, and I turn 40 on May 11th. So needless to say I had a little anxiety about going through this, and even was a little scared about finding out how much dental work I would need after over 20 years. So I have to give huge kudos to Rebecca and all the staff of the Dental Program at DACC for making me feel safe, comfortable, and treating me and my reservations with total respect. Rebecca has worked on me since December and my last appointment was at the end April. She took the time to coordinate our schedules to get me in the chair and even came to pick me up at the Camp for my appointments. She did an amazing job giving me a thorough dental assessment, and a much needed in depth cleaning, which I didn’t even need numbing for because she was so gentle. I will evetually need some more work done when I can afford it, but this was a great start to re-engaging my own dental health and makes me feel really good about my own transition out of homelessness. I even got a chance to refer Rebecca another client to work on who is transitioning as well.

Thanks to Rebecca Galvan, SO MUCH, and to the DACC Dental Clinic for offering this service to the homeless! And I hope we can work with their program more in the future!



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