Pat Sullivan Cooks Up Another Great Meal

P1160639 (640x480)Last Thursday the 11th, Sully came again to serve the residents of Camp Hope another awesome meal of ham beans baked potato with sour cream and marshmellow fruit salad. His son and several of his veteran buddies also came to help, and our new meditation  teacher who does a class for the homeless every Thursday at 1pm, Harvey aka Daiho roshi, also lent a hand. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast that day so I truly enjoyed the meal and was sated fully. He also scared up a bunch of small tarps for us, since our tents have sustained some wind damage this Spring. We always enjoy when Sully brings his crew out and definitely relish the good eats he serves us.

P1160612 (640x480)Thanks Sully and Son and Veterans for you continued support of Camp Hope!

P1160620 (640x480)

Photo Gallery Here




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