Alex Contreras-Tent Pad Sites-Eagle Scout Project

AlexAlex Contreras is the second Scout to ask to do their Eagle Scout Project here at Camp Hope, which is completely awesome considering Executive Director Nicole Martinez just informed me that a third Scout contacted her last week who also wants to do a project here. It is awesome to see these young men coming out to support the homeless within a program that is funded almost wholly on donations and community support.

Alex and his crew get the job done!

Alex and his crew get the job done!

Alex and his family friends and fellow Scouts showed up early Saturday morning to install the first four tent pad sites for us to meet the Camp re-zoning requirements. Eventually we will have 45 tent pad sites, spaced 10 feet apart. They had sand and crushed gravel delivered the day before and brought their own equipment, including a bobcat, to load the wood frame boxes with sand and gravel. They did a great job and were finished with all four before 11:30 am. It is great to see how the Camp will benefit from this concept, and we are truly grateful to Alex for investing in the Camp’s improvement.

Tent Pad Sites

Tent Pad Sites


Link To Photo Album Here

Link To YouTube Photo Montage With Music Here

Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks for your hard work!


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