Camp Hope On KSNM 570 AM Radio

Matt, Melody and Josh on KSNM

Matt, Melody and Josh on KSNM

Thursday after eating lunch at El Caldito soup kitchen, MVCH Executive Director Nicole Martinez approached me about being her guest on the “Bulletin on the Radio” show on KSNM later in the early evening. I said yes, having already spoken with Nicole on the “Southwest Senior” show with Keith Whelpley and Randy Harris. She then asked if I thought maybe Josh Jackson, who is one of our Camp volunteer staff, would feel like coming and speaking too, and maybe if his girlfriend Melody Rexroth, also Camp staff, might join us. I said I would ask, and sure enough they both said yes too, even though I could tell they were both surprised to be invited. I know it has taken me a year to get used to speaking in public, as a homeless advocate, and I know how nervous it can make me sometimes.

So, around 4:30pm we all hopped in the MVCH van and headed to the radio station to meet Todd Dickson who is the host of “Bulletin on the Radio”. I have met Todd several times over the last year, not only through his coverage of Camp Hope, but also through CAFE- Communities In Action and Faith- where his wife is very active supporting their grassroots political initiatives. So it was a little more relaxed for me the second time around, and Nicole did a great job coaching Melody and Josh during the van ride over on what to expect when we got to the station and how the show would go. We all squeezed into the small studio and felt very welcome by Todd as the show started to air. He made sure to tell us that he likes to envision that his show is like a cocktail party and that we are just having a relaxed conversation.

Over the next hour or so he asked questions about City Council’s approval of the rezoning for the MVCH campus and about how the camp has evolved and what our roles are in managing the 50 residents that live there. Todd also touched on what the future holds for the Camp and Nicole informed the listeners on the challenges we will face over the next year in accomplishing not only meeting the city’s requirements but raising funds and having the support of volunteers with the skills needed to design and implement improvements to the camp. It was a pleasure to speak again on behalf of the camp, and to have Josh and Melody be there too, sharing their experiences. I am proud to watch Camp Hope grow and to advocate for the homeless in Las Cruces and beyond with the support and guidance of dedicated women like Nicole Martinez, who has not only invested in listening to the homeless, but helping other people learn to listen to our stories and support our new-found success in transitioning.

Thank you Todd Dickson and KSNM for having us on your show and for all your support!

Check out the BLOG-CAST Bulletin On The Radio 2/21 (Hour 2) here!

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