How Folks Feel about Camp Hope


I found this letter of support on the web today and felt like sharing it with all of our supporters!

Begin forwarded message:

  From: Sue Patterson <sueatlascruces at>

  Subject: Camp Hope Video - I wouldn't send this if I didn't think it was important to ALL of us.

  Date: January 4, 2013 10:16:25 PM MST

  To my friends who do not live in Las Cruces - 
  Please take a minute to watch this.  You all may or may not know that Las Cruces is one of the poorest areas of the country.  Camp Hope sprung up as a tent city, a place where some of LC's homeless created, little by little, a city within a city of homeless persons.  If we are really honest with ourselves, I doubt that any one of us can deny we have the small biased inkling that the homeless are somehow "less than" the rest of society - perhaps we even silently agreed with Mitt Romney's "47%" statement.  Camp Hope is a microcosm of people who are mostly,  homeless thru circumstances that could happen to any one of us....but they have developed their own pseudo governing system and shamed all of us by their civility to and caring for their fellow residents and shed light on their "sameness" to the rest of us.  I have personal friends who helped in the development of Camp Hope and helped shepherd the residents thru beaucratic idiocy to insure the success of this community, while others work desperately to help each resident overcome obstacles to living better, more comfortable lives.  I'm so proud of Las Cruces.  If, in your community you are pretending not to see the homeless, think of Las Cruces and understand if WE CAN DO IT, ANY TOWN CAN DO IT.

  To my local friends -
  Join me in doing just one small thing to help these people and the battalion of others who have brought Camp Hope into reality.

  Thanks - Las Cruces - I'm not always proud of you - but in this instance, I AM!



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