City Coucil Approves Rezoning for MVCH

City Council Meetingfeb. 19th 2013

City Council Meeting
Feb. 19th 2013

We were all a little nervous, but after a over a year of hard work and dedication Las Cruces City Council approved the rezoning yesterday for Mesilla Valley Community of Hope so that Camp Hope can not only stay for as long as it is needed, but also make improvements and expand a bit to make the homeless residents safer and more comfortable. The overwhelming support for Camp Hope from the greater Las Cruces community in the form of churches, students of all ages, local businesses, veterans, Eagle Scouts, grass roots affiliates, other non profits, and even just families, is truly a testament to the City of Las Cruces preserving the compassionate humanitarianism that is growing in our own back yard. Camp Hope has not only motivated and inspired change within the homeless community but is bringing together many diverse groups of people to explore creative approaches to managing homelessness together as an integrated community effort.

We all are looking forward to really “digging in” over the next year as the Camp gets a make over and becomes a better environment for the homeless to transition in.  Having the assistance of New Mexico State University’s Engineers Without Borders has been a real privilege and adds to the validity of the unique approach MVCH has taken on to expand their services to the homeless in Las Cruces. As well as having the help of Christopher Brown, geography department head and SpARC lab director at NMSU to help us envision the changes that will be made to the Camp through on-screen digitization that gives us a clear picture of the work ahead of us. And it will take all the collaboration of groups like St. Albert The Great Newman Center who have just joined our effort to provide long-term support for the next phase of the camp’s growth.

A great big heart felt THANK YOU to all of Camp Hope’s Supporters and the Mayor and City Council and the City of Las Cruces for investing in making a safe place for the homeless to grow and heal and transition into coming home!

News Articles About City Council Approval:



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