Leinaala’s Baby Shower



Leinaala is Camp Hope’s first pregnant resident and our first woman with child to get into one of MVCH’s housing programs. She stayed in Camp all winter long and also volunteered helping to schedule our Camp Safety teams to sign up for shifts. We all are very proud of her and happy that she is transitioning in her eighth month of pregnancy. When Anna Biad stepped forward and offered to host a shower for Leina here I could see how much our supporters care about our residents. Anna and her husband came to camp right before Christmas to drop off donations and were so impressed by what we are doing that they felt moved to do something for Leina. It was great to see other camp supporters come out as well to offer Leina support. We are truly blessed to have so many folks attend to our residents needs and I hope that they can enjoy continuing to see our homeless transition and take the next steps in their lives and grow with their friends and Camp Hope family into a brighter future.

Congratulations Leina, on your new apartment, and many blessings for you and your little baby girl!

Anna Biad and her Husband

Anna Biad and her Husband

All kinds of BABY stuff!

All kinds of BABY stuff!

Photo Gallery Here



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