Las Cruces First Assembly Church Spaghetti Lunch

LCFA serves it up!

LCFA serves it up!

Saturday before noon LCFA church sent a van to pick up Camp residents to take them to their church to enjoy a home cooked spaghetti lunch. About 16 of us went, even though they had food for about 45 people. It was delicious and nice to get out of camp for a bit. They had a mixed green salad spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread and S’more cookies. They also were having a rummage sale and offered the camp some goods as a donation to take back with us. They also sent us back with another 25 odd take home plates of food, which was instantly eaten by our homeless companions that didn’t make it to the church.

Thanks to Pastor George and his congregation for always making us feel at home, and continuing to support our efforts, and serve up some really good food!

James Vonbehren enjoys a meal

James Vonbehren enjoys a meal



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