Nicole Martinez and Matt Mercer on KSNM Radio

MVCH Executive Director Nicole Martinez

MVCH Executive Director Nicole Martinez

Yesterday, Tuesday the 29th, Nicole invited me at the last minute to join her on the Southwest Senior talk show hosted by Keith Whelpley and his co-host Randy Harris, to talk about Camp Hope and the upcoming meeting with Las Cruces City Council to address the re-zoning Mesilla Valley Community of Hope is taking on to keep the Camp improving. I have to say I was a little nervous, but I have known Randy for over a year now, as he was one of the driving forces behind the homeless here organizing the camp from the ground up way back in August 2011 by hosting the Great Conversations in the MVCH resource room.

He and Keith made us feel very welcome in their tiny studio, and as our discussion unfolded, I found myself at ease answering their questions. And they asked some great questions, Nicole getting to the heart of the logistics of how Camp Hope through the MVCH agency is having an impressive impact on helping so many homeless through the services we offer and transitioning into housing and why the Camp is a positive for the city. I even got a chance to speak about how the self-governance of the Camp is constantly evolving with our Camp volunteer staff working more closely with the MVCH office staff to better identify and meet our residents’ needs. I guess I am getting more confident in speaking as an advocate for the homeless and Camp Hope, as I am transitioning into an employee of MVCH after a year volunteering helping to manage the Camp. I am very grateful for the support of pioneers like Randy and for the generous support of local media like Keith and KSNM and it is truly special to be part of such an amazing effort to help the homeless here in Las Cruces!

Thank you again for having us, it was a real pleasure!

Matt Mercer Camp Outreach Coordinator

Matt Mercer Camp Outreach Coordinator

Check out the BLOG-CAST for “Southwest Senior 1/29 Hour 2”



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