MVCH Annual Candle Light Vigil

P1140341 (640x480)Every year we gather on the coldest longest night of the year to celebrate life and honor and remember those in our homeless community that have passed on. This year was an exceptional year for many of of us, and the first year that all of the folks passing on were actually housed. There was great food, music by MVCH Data Technician Gary Clute, Adrian Vigil and his three sons with their group “Overcome”, and even some lovely harp music. I even got a chance to say a few words about Bob Green, the former security guard of El Caldito, who will be truly missed by his homeless friends and family. It was a beautiful night and everyone enjoyed leaving with bags of goodies, warm socks scarves hats and hand-made knit slippers.

Thank You El Caldito and all the volunteers that came out!

Many Blessings!

Gary Clute and "Overcome"

Gary Clute and “Overcome”

Link to Photo Gallery

Link To YouTube Photo Montage with Music


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