Shout The Truth Christmas

P1130825 (640x480)

Carlos of Shout The Truth and his amazing friends came out on Sunday again, with red and green burritos, and stockings stuffed with hygiene products for every resident of Camp Hope and then some. Its always awesome to see their smiling faces and they definitely brought their own winter cheer that took the chill out of the air and brightened a grey and cloudy day. These young men and their companions have spent this last year bringing our camp food and clothes and supporting our effort, and even invited us to come hear them play at their Tailgate Party BBQ. Their devotion is a source of inspiration for all of us and we are all truly grateful that Shout The Truth is part of our Camp Hope family.

P1130805 (640x480)

Watching the game, Shout The Truth Christmas

Thanks to Shout The Truth and their Family and Friends for a year of many blessings!

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Camp Hope!

P1130912 (640x480)P1130983 (640x480)Link To Photo Gallery

YouTube Montage With Music Link


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