CAFE- Power Gathering

P1130667Saturday December 8th, Dother Sykes, James Vonbehren and his new girlfriend Gloria and I attended CAFE’s Power Gathering at First Christian Church. Communities In Action and Faith is a grassroots group that focuses on the issues of voter registration, foreclosures, and immigration issues, as well as their constant support for Camp Hope. They are busy training people to go out into their community to educate and engage support and motivate more involvement in local state and federal political action.

Sara Nolan is always a pleasure to see in action, and as she led the group in discussion, you could see her passion and commitment reflected in all the different people, young and old, different races and faiths, all focused on organizing ourselves as a community to make our voices count about these issues the we face together. Near the end of the gathering, Sara had us break into smaller groups to discuss what we each thought could help inform those joining CAFE and the greater communities at large about what specific steps we can take to address these issues. It was an inspiration to see all the hands  getting involved  to get the work to the table and make sure our communities are learning about what we can do to make the changes we want to see happen become reality.

Thanks to Sara Nolan and CAFE for continuing to engage Camp Hope and include us in their efforts!


Photo Gallery Here

YouTube Photo Montage with Music Here



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