Nicole Martinez Taken In Handcuffs!

P1130583 (425x640)For charity of course! MVCH Executive Director Nicole Martinez is a very busy woman, so to see her be escorted from her office in handcuffs for the MDA charity event was heartwarming and hilarious. The two young men from Fort Bliss that came to pick her up and take her to “Jail” were also in exceptional good humor and seemed to be having a lot of fun to help raise money for a charity they all feel deeply about. Nicole’s clients and co-workers also got a big kick watching her be escorted out of the building, it’s not every day you see the “Boss” Lady you know and admire in cuffs and everyone smiling and laughing as she goes to help out more people for charity.

Awesome work guys, you all definitely make a difference!

P1130600 (640x480)P1130611 (480x640)P1130626 (640x480)Link To Photo Gallery


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