Bicycle Bob Lindsey’s Artwork

P1130567 (640x425)

Oil painting by Bob Lindsey

I’ve known and been friends with Bob Lindsey for about five years now, but what I didn’t know about this amazing man is that he is also an exceptional artist. I knew he made jewelry and beaded Native American style leather work, he even got me back into making bead jewelry at one point a couple years ago, before my campsite got set on fire and I lost all my beads I had been collecting.

James and Dother and I go to hang out with Bob a couple times a month, and each time we have come to see him he has added to his collection of oil paintings, a dozen and a half at this point. Bob says most of the paintings he does are based on interesting photos he finds in old National geographic magazines.  And you can really see how he is exploring getting back into painting through each piece, after not having touched a brush or canvas after twenty odd years, the style and method of each painting capturing a different expression through Bob’s hands.

"Black Pearl"

“Black Pearl”

The other night we went over to Bob’s apartment and I made some awesome fish soft tacos and Spanish rice and we sat around and talked and laughed through our meal. And after dinner I got a chance to take photos of all the paintings he has done so far, minus the ones he has given away to his friends. He explained the inspiration for each one as I took  shot after shot, and I listened to his passion about painting for the first time, admiring his work in the soft light of his bedroom surrounded by tubes of paint and brushes. I almost want to start calling him Bicycle Bob Rossi!

It is very special to have a friend like Bob, who continues to inspire all of those around him with his presence and spirit. I am so happy to be a part of his transition to his new home, and hope that the years to come continue to bring more light and laughter to us all here in Las Cruces. And that he keeps crafting and painting and creating all the beautiful works of art for us all to enjoy.

Thanks Bob!

Matt and Bob tidy up after fish tacos

Matt and Bob tidy up after fish tacos

Dother Sykes toasts to another great night and meal at Bob's

Dother Sykes toasts to another great night and meal at Bob’s

Link to Photo Gallery Here

Link to YouTube Photo Montage


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