Deb’s Dogs Brings Local Music Group “Overcome”

Thursday evening Camp Hope was treated to another great meal from Deb And Larry who cooked up some Nathans Hot Dogs. They also brought their friends, local musical group “Overcome” which consists of Adrian Dominic and Marcos Vigil and Chris Nunez. This awesome quartet of family musicians entertained the camp residents as they waited for dogs and ate and are very talented. The residents truly enjoyed every minute, even singing along to some of the oldies while they took the chill out of the evening while savoring a chili or kraut dog.

It was also nice to finally introduce myself to the band while the evening winded down, after seeing them perform at the Vida De Las Cruces Veterans’ Benefit concert and play at the Cafe Salud events at St. Luke’s Health Care Clinic, and get a chance to talk with them. Having live music volunteered is very special and makes a big impact for our homeless community and definitely lifts everyone’s spirits up.

Thanks again to Deb and Larry for coming out, and to the father and sons group “Overcome” for making another great night here at Camp Hope!

Photo Gallery Here

YouTube Photo Montage With Music Here


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