Nathaniel Lilly Receives Eagle Scout Badge

Saturday evening, November 10, Mr.Sykes James Vonbehren Stanley and myself attended Nathaniel Lilly’s Eagle Scout Award Ceremony at the invitation of his family. We met Nathaniel way back at the beginning of this year when he approached Mesilla Valley Community of Hope Executive Director Nicole Martinez about his idea to install a shade structure behind the tipi in our camp as his Eagle Scout project. From about March through the next few months, Nathaniel impressed us all with his diligence in working with Las Cruces City Management in addressing zoning issues and obtaining permits, with the amazing devotion of his parents and sister accompanying him throughout the long process. By July Nathaniel started the actual installation and it was a real pleasure to watch his vision become part of our camp, and a testament to the community of Las Cruces as a progressive city that cares about the homeless. We invited Nathaniel and his family to a BBQ cooked by local Band, “Shout the Truth”, and presented him with a small token of our esteem to express our gratitude, in the middle of July, enjoying an incredible project come to fruition.

It was truly a privilege to attend Nathaniel’s Eagle Scout Award Ceremony, and we all were impressed by all the hard work the other young men in his Troop put into recognizing his accomplishments. We could all see how beloved Nathaniel is and how proud his family is of him, and we are truly honored to have been part of his rite of passage.

Thank you from Camp Hope, to Nathaniel and his family, for their outstanding contribution to the homeless community!

Congratulations Nathaniel

Link To Photo Gallery

Link To Photo Montage on YouTube


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