Shout The Truth Tailgate Party

Local band, Shout The Truth, has been coming out to volunteer and support Camp Hope for several months, whether cooking a home style meal, or throwing a big BBQ for us, always asking if they can do more. This group of incredibly motivated young men seem totally devoted to Camp Hope, and Carlos, one of their front-man, invited us to attend their Tailgate Party on Saturday. The band’s manager, Pastor Jose, asked if I would be willing to speak that evening to their audience about Camp Hope and the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope to inform them and rally more support for our program. About 10 of our residents from camp attended and were greeted with total hospitality and graciousness, to eat hamburgers and hot dogs, and even get a free haircuts from some of the band members friends from Underground Kuts. Five bands played that night, all very talented, each performance unique, and all motivated by the kind of Christian generosity that makes faith-based community service what it is in Las Cruces, loving thy neighbor with all thy heart!

Thanks to Pastor Jose, and the talented and amazing young men of “Shout The Truth”, and the other groups – “Elan Brio”, “DCG”, “Super J”, and “El Tryo Dynamico”, and all their friends and family for supporting Camp Hope!

Dorothy and Vikki enjoy the evening!




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