Good Morning Camp Hope



This past Saturday, the 20th, was an unusually busy morning. First at 7am, a group of NMSU nursing students brought coffee and donuts and a young lady gave free haircuts to our residents. Then, around 8, Landmark Church with Pastor Rodriguez and his wife Lydia brought enough breakfast to feed a small army, and even brought food for all the dogs and cats in the camp. To top it off, a group of Mormon volunteers spent the rest of the morning into the early afternoon cleaning up the MVCH campus, including removing a huge debris pile of wood that has been sitting around for years. It was a great way to start off the morning, which led off to a busy day as Camp staff and volunteers were invited to participate at the CAFE early voting rally at Branigan Library later that afternoon, and then Camp Hope attended a Tailgate party hosted by local band Shout the Truth later that evening.

Thanks to the Student Nurses, Landmark Church, and the Mormon volunteers for coming out to help out Camp Hope and the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope, and making a good morning, GREAT!

NMSU student nurses bring some love!










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