Early Voting Rally – Branigan Library

Early Voting Rally hosted by Communities In Action and Faith

Last Saturday, at 2pm some of us from Camp Hope attended the early voting rally sponsored by CAFE. Sarah Nolan got the rally started and introduced their Dream Team, a group of young people involved in their grass-roots community activism, who had inspirational messages to share with the audience about what it means to be young and get involved in the Las Cruces community. Next up, Sarah introduced Bonnie Burn, of the League of Women Voters, and her companions. Bonnie gave a brief history of woman’s suffrage, and the expansion of the civil rights movements that have paved the way for freedom to the present day, and reminded us all of our privilege and personal responsibility to, not just get out and vote, but be active in the community.There were lots of families and kids there, older and younger generations of people, of all faiths, gathering to inform educate and motivate the Las Cruces community to stand up and get involved. I even had a chance to chat with Pamela Field, MVCH board member, and President of NAMI, about mental health issues in the homeless community, and she excitedly told me about a future fundraising project for NAMI in March which Camp Hope will definitely be a part of.

Thanks to CAFE for continuing to support Camp Hope, inviting us to come out and support their movement!

Bonnie Burn and The League of Women Voters





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