Deb’s Dogs Cook for Camp Hope

Mesilla Valley Community of Hope’s Executive Director, Nicole Martinez, introduced me to Debbie and Larry, of Debs Dogs, at the Vida de Las Cruces benefit concert. They were very enthusiastic about coming to the Camp to cook up some Nathans hot dogs and said they wanted to come out a couple more times before Christmas. I could tell right away that these were awesome people. Tuesday evening this amazing couple pulled up to camp with their hot dog cart, and believe me, most of the camp residents were already waiting, having heard that Nathans dogs were be served. They worked as a team setting up, and had the food ready in less than and hour, and folks lined up to dress their dogs up the way they liked, made to order. YUMMMY! We all really enjoyed this meal and can’t wait for the home made soup Larry said he wants to cook for us the next time they come out! After they finished packing up their gear, we exchanged big hugs, and gave them our gratitude. Its the small things like food and companionship that turn an ordinary day into a special one.


Thank you Deb and Larry, from all of us at Camp Hope!

Photo Gallery Here

Watch YouTube Picture Montage here


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