Shout The Truth Harvest Moon Home Cooking

Sunday evening, local band Shout the Truth, returned to Camp Hope on the Harvest Full Moon to serve up a home style cooked meal of Green and Red Enchiladas rice and beans. Their friends and family attended and brought again a healthy portion of laughter and smiles as well as great food. These young men and their companions exemplify what lending a helping hand is all about, and sitting at the table with them to break bread, is like going to your neighbors house for dinner and enjoying the company of good humor and generosity. Their band has yet to play for us, but have been slated to play at Cafe Salud at St Luke’s health Care Clinic Tuesday October 16th from 4-6pm. As always, it was a great pleasure to “kick it” with the Shout The Truth crew, and we can’t thank them enough for coming out to support Camp Hope and our Residents.

You Rock Guys!

Check out this Video montage of the Harvest Moon Meal here!


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