Vida De Las Cruces Benefit Concert

Vida De Las Cruces House Band

Last night, I, Sue Campbell and Dother Sykes and a couple of Camp Hope residents attended The Vida De Las Cruces Benefit Concert at the Court Youth Center. This benefit was spearheaded by Russ Smith and Jeff Steinborn, who came up with the idea to do something for the Las Cruces community while jamming together at an open mic night. All the funds raised from the evening are going to be given to Mesilla Valley Community of Hope for Veterans programs, and the Doña Ana County Humane Society and SNAP (Spay/Neuter Action Program).

Smith and Steinborn performed in a group they call the “Vida de Las Cruces House Band,”  with singer Tess Fresquez, bass player Joe Miele and guitarist Travis Manning. The other musicians that played included Adrian Vigil, Crooked Beaver Creek,  La Cella Bella, Triple Jack, Cambden and Pacheco, the Casual Fridays and Lawrence Montes, as well as a special number performed by MVCH’s own Executive Director, Nicole Martinez. The Emcee’s for the event were the “all the way LIVE” Lynz of 99.5 The Rocket, and Trinity of Magic 105, who both kept the spirit flowing throughout the entire show with their humor and great energy.

It was a really good show, with a lot of rockin’ and rollin’ going on, kids dancing all over the place, local vendors offering tasty goods and unique wares, and lots of familiar faces coming out to support this cause and enjoy some good music and company. Camp Hope thanks all the folks involved with Vida De Las Cruces, and for inviting us to help participate to support the Homeless veterans and animal welfare in the Greater Las Cruces Community. And we can’t wait to see what Smith and Steinborn come up with next to entertain us and bring us all together to raise Las Cruces up to face the challenges we see we can work through together. Thanks, ALL!

MVCH Executive Director, Nicole Martinez wows the audience!

Check Out the Concert Photo Album!




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