Cafe Salud With Esperanza

St. Luke’s Health Care Clinic hosted another Cafe Salud on Tuesday evening with the help of Esperanza Mental Health Services and the Department Of Health. This program seems to be picking up speed and gathering more participants each event, offering outreach education and prevention, as well as good food and music. This time they had a DJ, and I am still kicking myself for not bringing my camera sooner, because I haven’t seen folks doing the Electric Slide IN AGES! It was awesome to see so many people enjoying themselves and getting their groove on, I even saw a couple of older gentlemen dancing slowly across the parking lot towards the clinic while MC Hammer was playing. It is a great accomplishment that the Clinic has been able to create this atmosphere where the homeless can gather and relax and be introduced to these forms of health outreach education. So if you get a chance, I highly suggest you come check this awesome bi-monthly program, every first and third Tuesday, which starting in October will be from 4pm to 6pm, with a different health related theme each time!.

For more info, call St. Luke’s at : 575-527-5482.

DOH Outreach

Hey, DJ !

Sharon And James Brown
Enjoying a Slow Dance


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