Sully and His Companions Labor Day BBQ

Sunday evening Sully came out again to cook for the camp. Around 6pm he showed up his buddies and served up an awesome Jambalaya  and hot dogs and some slow cooked pork. By the time folks got done with the main meal, they barely had room for watermelon. As always, everyone here at camp was very grateful and took time to hang out with Sully’s group, and everyone thanked him for his generosity and the good grub. Sully is one of our long time supporters and has been helping us out since November with what ever he can.  As one community volunteer, he stands out for his devotion and dedication to Camp Hope, even offering his welding skills to James Vonbehren to put a trailer hitch on his electric wheel chair (maybe I can get James to pull me around!).

Thanks to Sully and his friends for continuing to make Camp Hope an enjoyable place to get back into community life and for the great food he always prepares!


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