Profiles In Hope

                                             Camp Hope Success Stories

During the months of July and August there have been a number of success stories, that we here at Camp Hope, and the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope would like to focus upon, as “Profiles of Hope”. This will help our community supporters to be able to see that there are people here living and working toward transitioning through their own situation and getting help from the MVCH and affiliated agencies.

Out of 18 people that have come into the camp, we have had 10 odd success stories going out that include 3 entering transitional housing programs, 2 in apartments, 2 moving back with family, several finding jobs, and even one person starting their first semester of college. We are proud of those who have made and pursued the steps that are needed to get back into the community, which we here at Camp Hope wish for all residents. One resident tried on several occasions to get SSI, food stamp and other types of help from whatever government as well as private agencies, but to no avail. But with the persistence of MVCH social workers she was able to get food stamps, some government assistance and transitional housing for the disabled. When asked she will tell you that feels safe and comfort for the first time in years, thanks to MVCH and Camp Hope. As well, Camp Hope has become a safe haven for those with drug addiction issues or chronic health issues to seek the help they need. One resident checked them-self into rehab, and one elder resident was admitted into the hospital and will be entering an assisted living residence when they are released from ICU at Memorial Hospital due to their health condition.

There are some residents that move on without word of their status or where they may have gone to and we hope for the best for them as well. We may never get any more information about them, but the general consensus among the homeless is that the camp is a positive place, however short the stay. Others may have to leave the camp, at MVCH’s request, due to rule violations which vary from person to person and situation. On the whole these infractions are minor offenses, and we are also proud of the complete absence of violence in the camp since November 2011 until now. We are dedicated to preserving our community as a safe place for all homeless people and providing a social resource for people to continue to transition by being close to the direct services that MVCH provides.


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