Local Band-“Shout The Truth” BBQ at Camp Hope, Nathaniel Lilly gets award

A couple of weeks ago, Carlos and Hugo, members of a Las Cruces band called Shout The Truth asked if they could BBQ for the camp. So Sunday evening these guys showed up with a crew of family and friends and cooked up some hotdogs and hamburgers for us. They were all smiles and brought a good dose of laughter with them and spent time in Camp visiting with the residents. Hugo even gave one of our resident volunteers, James Brown a pretty decent haircut. These very talented and community minded young men seemed completely at home with us and left an impression of positive energy and happily full bellies and warm hearts. We also invited Nathaniel Lilly, and his mother and sister to the BBQ, so that we, as a camp, could present him with a token of our esteem for organizing and putting up the shade project for his Eagle Scout Project. Thanks to Shout The Truth, and the members that couldn’t make it, and their families and friends that came out and rocked a great BBQ for us! We hope they can come out and play for us sometime and can’t wait to kick it with them again. And thanks again to Nathaniel and his family for such an awesome contribution to Camp Hope!

Folks visit with James Brown and his wife Sharon

Shout The Truth’s crew visits camp residents

Hugo shows off his skills on James Brown

Eating some good food

James Vonbehren presenting Nathaniel our Award from the Camp

Nathaniel, his sister and mother, visiting

Thanks Nathaniel

300 pics in Gallery-check it out!


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