St. Luke’s Health Care Clinic – Cafe Salud

On Tuesday the 19th St Luke’s Health Care Clinic held their first Cafe Salud, organized by Pamela Angell, Exec. Dir. SLHCC. This will become a regular event at St Luke’s with live music snacks and drinks and health promotion in an effort to create a casual environment where people can discuss health care and prevention issues.

Pamela’s nephew and his group “The Usual Specter” provided the evening’s music with guitar, flute, and singing, actually very well done, and adding something special to the first night, playing under the large Acacia tree in front of the Clinic.

The DOH had their mobile clinic in the parking lot and offered free HIV and Hepatitis screening, safe sex kits and needle/syringe exchange. They also offered a 10 minute training for those interested in learning how to administer Naloxone aerosol spray to those who have overdosed on any opiate. This simple and easy to use nasal spray can help save someone’s life who has overdosed by interrupting the neurotransmitter of opiates, giving a 30 minute window to call EMS to get appropriate help. Several of our Camp residents went through the short training and received one dose of the nasal spray. We all remarked that this outreach in particular is very beneficial for our community as many of us have witnessed the dangers of poly drug use out here on the streets.

Thanks to all who came out, and I hope this project continues to grow, as we plan and discuss having a Health Fair here on MVCH campus in the fall.

For more info on the next Cafe Salud at St. Luke’s or to offer music support contact Michelle at: 575-527-5482

Disease Prevention Team

Enjoying the Music

The Usual Specter

Cafe Salud Gallery


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