8 Camp Hope Residents Earn Certificates in MHFA!

“Certificates for NHFA?”,  you might ask….

On Thursday the 14th of June, 8 of us from Camp Hope completed a four week 12 hour training (one night a week for 3 hours) for Mental Health First Aid offered by OptumHealth care services. Joann Vullo and co-trainer Beatriz Favela presented the class together. Sessions were very informative and easy to comment and ask questions. This training was designed to help people learn how to approach people in crisis, by giving the trainees the basic knowledge of how to recognize common signs of depression and anxiety disorders. And the action and methods of dialogue are compassionate and effective in different scenarios to help get them the help they need in the immediate sense and the long term. Asides from learning a lot, we also had a lot of fun working with each other, and made some new friends, like Tonya, who works at the Pet Food Bank here in Las Cruces, and Cathy who works with the Art of Recovery Group.

I am very grateful we all had the chance to participate and know that the leadership at our camp will benefit greatly from having this training. Living in any community, the probability of facing a mental health crisis is pretty normal, and in our homeless community we are especially aware of how sensitive the issue of how to manage helping those in crisis is.

Thank you to OptumHealth and Joann and Beatriz, and all of our classmates for making a challenging subject become and everyday human part of our lives!


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