MVCH at Pride Festival


Saturday June 16th 2012, I spent the day helping Susan Wells, Mesilla Valley Community of Hope – Board President, set up and man their first ever booth at the Pride fest in Pioneer Park. This is also my first attendance of Pride here in Cruces, as a gay man, and as a homeless volunteer at Camp Hope. The cloudy weather kept things cool, as the brightly dressed and colorful Pride supporters families and friends filled the park by noon. Young and old gathered together in solidarity to express their commitment to this year’s Pride themed – “Unity through Diversity”. I must say, for a small city like Las Cruces, I was struck by the home town intimacy created by these good people, how normal and every day it seemed that folks celebrate their lives this way together, embracing their community and looking forward to a better future. Several of my fellow Camp mates and volunteers came out to support us and check out the event, and the whole day was spent with laughter good conversations and relaxed company. Thanks to the GLTBQ community and their supporters for all of their devotion to greater education and social justice, and another beautiful celebration of Pride for our whole community!




Free at Last, Free at Last

Thank God Almighty, we are FREE, at last!

Pride Photo Gallery


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