Go Ahead Nathaniel !

Friday afternoon, after waiting since the end of February, Nathaniel Lilly finally got the go ahead to start putting his shade structure project up that he is doing for an Eagle Scout badge. He organized, approached city officials, and managed to get some our residents to volunteer to help him, all on his own. As a young man of 13, we all find his perseverance and hutzpah very impressive. So Friday a handful of residents dug 4 two feet wide and three feet deep holes for the large metal beam poles that will support the shade sail. Saturday morning, accompanied by his mother and father (who just flew back in town this week), our volunteers helped set and anchor the poles so that a cement truck could come later that morning and fill in the holes. On top of this all coming together this week, Nathaniel then told us he would be leaving Sunday for Scout Summer Camp for two weeks. Even though he is a busy guy, he has all the project ready for his return and has even lined up some of his scout members to come out and build some benches and picnic tables to go under the shade structure.


Thanks to Nathaniel and his amazing family for sticking to their guns and providing our camp with not just a necessity, but an opportunity to work with him and have a project that will benefit the homeless here for a long time.

Photo Album Nathaniel’s Project


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