Eagle Scout Blues

This past March, one of the Las Cruces community members that stepped forward to volunteer to assist Camp Hope was Eagle Scout Nathaniel Lilly.
He organized and designed an entire shade project to put behind the Tipi in our Camp, raising the funds himself, even going to present his project to City Management. As with all things working through municipal government, projects take time. Though Nathaniel, who is 13 years old, was assured by City Management that logistics such as permits and the like would be handled for him, it hasn’t turned out that way. Here is his last email to me.
“Thank you Matt,
I really appreciate the support, and thank you for your email it is
really nice. Now I have to have a contractor with a commercial
license. I am trying to get my eagle project done ASAP.

Thank you,

Nathaniel Lilly”

We are asking you, as some of Camp Hope’s supporters, to drop a line to Councilman Nathan Small, who represents our district, and any of the other Council members or the Mayor, to not only help Nathaniel, but all of the community volunteers who are interested in helping Camp Hope grow and expand to become a safer more hospitable place for the homeless to live and transition through these hot summer months.
We have seen the frustration arising over the last month for Nathaniel as he diligently pursues adhering to the guidelines set forth by City Management, while trying to accomplish the goals he set out to help us in March. Perhaps rallying together will not only expedite small projects like this, but clear the lines of communication for future volunteers to be able to help Camp Hope effectively.
Here is a link to City Council Members:

Contact City Council

Again, thank you for your support and all your dedication!

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