Toni, from Maurices, Visits & Brings Donations

Saturday morning Toni Hendricks, the manger of the local Maurices, dropped off some donations she and her co-workers had collected during their store’s Camp Hope Summer Supply Drive. The Drive will continue for several more weeks. In addition to lot’s of Love, Toni brought:

  • Two folding camp chairs
  • 20 bottles of Skin So Soft sunscreen/bug repellent
  • 2 dish soap, dish scrubbers, 2 packs paper plates
  • 2 packs plastic cups, 2 packs plastic utensils
  • doggie treats
  • 2 bottles  Ibuprofen, PeptoBismol, 2 tubes bug bite cream
  • 2 bottles bleach, 2 boxes tin foil, 2 boxes Ziploc bags
  • 2 cans deodorant antiseptic spray,4 bottles hand sanitizer
  • and several cases of water.

Toni also brought one of our women residents (who had worked to help set up the Maurices store before they opened) a make up bag.

Toni always hangs out with us when she stops by, chatting with residents, mostly laughing, and always leaves every one with a smile. Her spirit of generosity and her kindness are the reason our camp keeps growing and we continue to meet awesome people like her. The more I get to know her and having had a chance to meet her husband (who is moving here from Texas soon), the more I realize how special it is that she has chosen to be part of Camp Hope!.

A great big THANK YOU from all of us at Camp Hope! To Maurices’ Customers, to Toni and to her co-workers; for everything you are doing for us!

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