Sully cooks Beans and Weenies

Sully and Friend cook up some beans!

Pat Sullivan, also known as Sully, a Veteran, has been coming out to donate food and clothes to our Camp since November. In fact, he was one of the first individuals that I put on our blog site for bringing us a whole bunch of food. This time he brought his son and a couple of his buddies to grill up some hot dogs for us. It is always so humbling when folks who don’t have much still find a way to get a meal together or much needed supplies and spend a couple of hours with us. This is worth so much to us and makes a difference to each person that lives here. A simple meal and some good conversation can mellow a restless spirit and give a sense of belonging. Not to mention that the solar eclipse started just as we were all finishing up eating and cleaning up. The weird twilight added a peaceful ambiance that made me feel grateful that so many community volunteers keep coming back to help us in any way they can.

Thanks Sully, and Son, and friends! We appreciate it!

Sully’s son and Friend

Residents Chowing Down!

A great meal and Happy Campers!

Solar Eclipse from MVCH


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