Harp Film Screening

Saturday night, May 19, James Vonbehren Dother Sykes and I Matt Mercer attended a student (NMSU) film screening of a movie called The Harp, at the Rio Grand theater in downtown Las Cruces. We were invited by Nicole Martinez, who was contacted by some of the people of this group from the NMSU College of Art & Sciences: Creative Media Institute. Aside from being a movie who’s central character is a homeless man, the night’s proceeds were generously donated to Camp Hope, and food was also collected to go to the soup kitchen and food bank here on MVCH campus.

“A group of student film makers wrote, filmed and produced a movie that evokes audiences to think about the value of life if only one day was left. The twist: the spotlight is on a homeless man.
The film, “The Harp” will double as a feature and charitable event for the homeless, stemming from the desire to be selfless. The film is the story of Frank Roots, a homeless man, as he goes through his last day on earth.”

Vicky Diaz | Executive News Producer, Cherish Marquez | Staff Writerhttp://roundupdaily.com/arts_and_entertainment/article_a95f1418-9a48-11e1-a4ab-0019bb30f31a.html

I thought the film was a fascinating take on the isolation and integration of homeless vs. Any-man, outside of mental illness as a stigma. Showing that the universality of music represented by the harmonica speaks to a human element of observing people facing loss, prophetic, like the hopes and dreams of the viewers, as being a form of common sense that we can no longer deny between us.

Thank you for inviting us! And thank you for your selfless donation!


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